The Toronto Carrying Place

Located at the corner of Weston Road and Clouston Road, this monument and plaque marks the native trail known as the Toronto Carrying Place (Le Portage de Toronto) which ran from the mouth of the Humber River to Lake Huron. It was erected in 1948 by the York Pioneer and Historical Society and the Toronto and York Roads Commission.

Taiaiagon Iroquois Village

This plaque commemorates the site of Taiaiagon Village at the foot of the Toronto Carrying Place, and also recognizes early explorers and settlers in the area, now known as Baby Point. The plaque was erected in 1949 by the YPHS in conjunction with the Municipal Corporation and Board of Education of the Township of York. It is located at the southwest corner of Baby Point Road and Baby Point Crescent.

Gooderham and Worts Windmill

In 1954 Gooderham and Worts, in co-operation with the YPHS, built a reproduction of its famous windmill, which had been a landmark on the Toronto waterfront from 1832 to 1859. The model, scaled down to about 30 feet in height, was erected by the lake at the foot of Parliament Street. It was constructed with bricks from a building of the same period as the original windmill, and bore a bronze plaque. Unfortunately the replica was demolished just a few years later to make way for the Gardiner Expressway.

Home District School

The YPHS erected this plaque in 2000 on the building at the southeast corner of King and George streets in downtown Toronto. It commemorates the “Old Blue School”, the first public school in the Town of York, founded on this site in 1807 by the Rev. George Okill Stuart.

Scadding Cabin

In 2012 a Heritage Toronto interpretive plaque was installed at Scadding Cabin. The plaque was sponsored by the York Pioneer and Historical Society.