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Welcome to our new website! Thank you for visiting us at the Canadian National Exhibition last year!


Scadding Cabin had an outstanding turnout at this year’s Canadian National Exhibition with 8,071 visitors!

That’s an increase of 2,989 (58.8%) over last year. Thanks again for coming out and thanks again for your donations to keep the Cabin running and to help with the replacement of one of our structural logs. Donations are still being accepted to help with continued maintenance and preservation of the Cabin. See Restoration News below.

Thank you to our 2023 Scadding Cabin volunteers during the CNE: Beth Alaksa, Glenn Bonnetta, Lionel Collier, Alex Coomes, Brent Cunningham, Edward Fenner, Robert Halliwell (new), Helen Hatton, Bob and Marilyn Horwood, Morris Jacobs, Stefanie Lem, Stephanie Lever, Jessica Montague (new), Stephanie Thomas, John Marshall, Angus Palmer, David Raymont, Diane Reid, Fred Robbins, Bob and Sue Roden, Nancy Smail, Kayoko Smith, Loretta Taber, and Joel Winter (new). 

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